The NCBPMA Has a New Name!


Those who attended the NCBPMA’s meeting in April were treated to a little piece of insiders’ news about the organization: after over 35 years as the Northern California Book Publicity and Marketing Association (or some version of that name), the board has decided that the time has come to change our name.

As of January 2013, the board saw almost and entire turnover of members as a number of longtime dedicated board volunteers had stepped down from their positions in the months prior, and former NCBPMA President Adrienne Biggs passed the baton on to myself. With a new set of voices and ideas coming to the table, it became clear that we could expect some exciting new avenues for the organization. We began reaching out to more independent authors, book bloggers, and even non-book-trade publicists whose clients have begun writing ebooks, and the result has been an increasingly diverse and growing membership. Our board felt that we needed to choose a name that could still reflect the interests of our membership as well as the focus of our events, but in simplified terms.

In early April, the board came together for a special “rebranding” meeting over dinner at a nearby restaurant, and we discussed both the legacy of the NCBPMA, and the future we want to create for the organization. After hours of discussion, one name was unanimously agreed upon: The Book Promotion Forum (BPF).

At just 20 characters and only three words instead of six, we think we have chosen a name that represents the central focus of our association and our monthly programs, as well as our members, who make it possible for us to continue to offer educational events and networking opportunities as they relate to books today.

We hope you like it, and if you aren’t already following us on Facebook and Twitter, you can find us here:

Over the next few months, you’ll notice a few changes. Our website is now, for starters (but will redirect you here, too), and we’ll soon unveil a new logo. Stay tuned!


Kat Engh
The Book Promotion Forum