New Event Series: Beyond the Book

Image by Isaac G Salazar,  via Flickr
Image by Isaac G Salazar, via Flickr

According to a new article in Forbes, “incubating franchises is increasingly the only game that matters for major publishers.” If this is the norm for the big six, what can small and independent publishers and authors do, without taking risks with unpredictable outcomes for their finances?

The Book Promotion Forum presents a new four-part series called “Beyond the Book,” with each monthly event focused on an additional means for creating a revenue stream based on the book that’s already written. We’re going to show how it can be done on an indie budget.

Here’s the schedule (click on each month to read about and sign up for each event):
July 31: Creating Mobile Content from Your Book
August: Audiobooks
September: Products and Merchandise
October: Entering the Multimedia World

Participants will hear from leading experts in their fields, sharing their insights and tips on how to get started with each area of business.