Job Alert: Online Community Builder & Content Curator

Making Contact is Hiring an Online Community Builder & Content Curator

Making Contact, is an award-winning, 29-minute weekly magazine/documentary-style public affairs program heard on over 140 radio stations, and via podcast and social media. We are hiring an Online Community Builder/Content Curator. Please read the job description below and find the instructions to apply at the bottom.

Job Title: Online Community Builder & Content Curator

We are looking for a passionate, hard working and motivated person to help Making Contact develop happy Making Contact listening and sharing communities. This is Full-time position based in Oakland, CA. Salary Range $40,000 to $44,000  plus health benefits.

About the Position

This person in this position is responsible for providing exceptional service over email, web and across all our social media channels. You will grow and engage our online listener base and help us increase our online donations by making our show more accessible and by building relationships that expand our reach and deepen our impact. This position is at the front line with our listeners, web and RSS visitors. We are releasing a new website design soon and you can be part of the continuing evolution of our new site.  If you are relationship-focused and enjoy working with people and numbers, we want to hear from you!

Key Metrics: Deadlines met for posting and emailing, downloads, listens, website pages, search engine impressions and arrivals, inbound links, web to email conversion rate, email circulation, contact frequency, donations per email circulation.

Strategic Activities and Key Metrics

●       Content Development: Works with Making Contact’s radio producers, freelance reporters and other content partners to create posts, content packages and Social Media updates. Updates are used in our website, email newsletter,  content syndication and social media accounts (Key Metric: Website Page Views, Website Unique Visitors, Content Downloads, Various Social Media Metrics).

●       Search Engine Optimization: Optimizes all content for search engines.

●       Link Building: Initiates and maintains relationships with numerous media outlets and their websites by both monitoring their content and making frequent contribution, links, etc (Key Metric: External Inbound Links, Arrivals from Other Websites).

●       Email Marketing: Working with the development team, optimizes email marketing campaigns, monthly enewsletter and email lists (Key Metrics: Email Circulation, Contact Frequency, CTR, OR, Donations per M Emails Sent, Donations per Subscriber).

●       Ad Marketing: Plans, executes and optimizes weekly Google AdWords marketing campaigns (Key Metrics: CTR, Impressions)

Essential Job Functions:

●        Posting weekly (or sometimes more) web updates to our website (, WordPress.

●        Publish the weekly podcast/RSS feed of content created by radio producers and send weekly email blast for new episode.

●        Coordinating and supporting teammates’ daily posts  to our social media platforms (w/Hootsuite+interns)

●         Designing and implementing outreach strategies to increase web + social media audiences.

●         Opportunities to play an early role in radio show development; strategize, create and share print pieces and other complementary web-based elements for most of our radio programs.

●         Researching and identifying potential publicity opportunities in a particular subject area and exploring ways in which we might engage our users on web and social media.

●         Engaging with radio stations, featured speakers and general audiences online.

●         Tracking audio listeners and page visits, presenting our reach and engagement data to staff.

●         Create or curate sharable visuals + data-viz that complement/ enhance our radio shows. Work with contractors for advanced HTML or design work .

●         Creating headlines and blurbs (Transcribing bits on a selective basis.) Work with radio producers to develop web-copy from radio pieces.

Accountability: Manages agreed-upon online expense budget, gathers key metrics for staff to review, and interacts regularly with MC’s radio producers and other media outlets. Reports to Executive Director.

Ideal candidate: The successful candidate will have the following:

●       Bachelor’s Degree in interactive media, journalism, communications, marketing, creative writing or equivalent experience with strong skills in computing, logic and analysis.

●       One to three years of relevant organic marketing experience with working knowledge of content management systems, search engines and related software tools.

●       Goal driven with the ability to adapt to change and to new opportunities;Ability to work independently as well as a team member.

●       Enthusiastic attitude and a deep desire to manage by the numbers and by relationships.

●       Experienced at growing online communities

●       Familiarity  with the world of activists and politically active journalists, academics and bloggers

●   Passion and commitment to social justice work

●       Familiarity with online and terrestrial radio a plus

●       Basic HTML proficiency and understanding of Search Engine Marketing and optimization

●       Strong written and oral communication skills

●       Experience supervising (interns etc) and being supervised

●       Well versed with Google Apps (gmail, google docs etc.).

●       Power-user of Facebook and Twitter. (also familiar with Tumblr, Thinglink etc)

●       Excellent Organizational and interpersonal communications skills

About Us

Making Contact  is a not-for-profit media group based in Oakland. We create and share media that helps communities be informed, inspired, and take action. Each week we broadcast movement-building voices across the country that analyze critical issues and showcase grassroots solutions. Founded in 1994 the organization has also been known as National Radio Project.

Our weekly 29-minute documentary-style radio program and web-production (website, podcast and apps combination) explores issues ranging from workers rights to environmental justice, reproductive health to criminal justice. Programs explore the structural/systemic roots of issues and highlight organizing and solutions to give people hope and catalyze change. MC is broadcast each week in 37 states, on 140+ radio station in the US and Canada, Austrailia across NPR, Pacifica, University,Tribal-Owned and Public Radio Exchange networks. Information from radio stations’ statistics estimate this as 60,500 Making Contact broadcast listeners.

Our content is reposted on related blogs and progressive change movement websites. MC is also heard across web listening applications like SoundCloud and TuneIn, Stitcher, FM Player and iTunes. Please visit  for more information.

Making Contact is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, gender identity and expression, national origin, religion, disability, or economic status.

To Apply

Please email  with a paragraph that describes why you would be a good fit for this position in the body of an email. Please attach your resume and type your name and phone number in the subject line.