Be Director of Publishing and Production at UC Davis!

Director of Publishing and Production – Agriculture and Natural Resources Publishing, University of California, Davis


Under direction, provide leadership and comprehensive management of Agriculture and Natural Resources publishing, including educational, programmatic and integrated strategic communications products in printed, electronic, and visual media. Advance ANR strategic and operational objectives. Manage all phases of peer review, strategic editorial planning of ANR periodicals, print and electronic publications, video communications; and ANR strategic communications campaigns. Advise and counsel ANR senior leadership and academics. Manage CSIT unit professional staff and physical resources to achieve programmatic and strategic objectives.

Promote, in all ways consistent with the other responsibilities of the position, Accomplishment of the Affirmative Action goals established by the Division.


  • Manages comprehensive communications programs and projects.
  • Develops and monitors operational and budget processes, staff FTE, finance, human resources and space planning.
  • Establishes and recommends changes to policies which affect the department.
  • Advises and consults with organization’s administration regarding all aspects of communications including developing strong communications strategies that effectively deliver the desired message, policy interpretation and problem resolution.
  • Ensures the operations of the department run smoothly, including: production of publications and expeditious delivery; responsible in terms of costs, methods and employees, and improvement of revenue streams from publication sales.
  • Forecasts and prepares budget; ensures publication/ production plans balance both costs and quality.
  • Manages the development of long-range electronic and/or printed publications in support of the division’s mission.
  • Ensures the publications conform to the location’s electronic
  • and printed publishing policies, as well as the established editorial procedures.
  • Reviews and/ or prepares proposals to improve publication services and improve production in support of the division’s academic mission.
  • Ensures production of high quality products that effectively deliver the desired message within budget and time constraints.
  • Other related duties as periodically assigned.


  • Strong knowledge of all aspects of communications, including strategic planning for various media venues, technical aspects and requirements of various venues, and most appropriate and effective applications.
  • Strong project management and short and long-term
    planning skills.
  • Strong knowledge of the location, including its mission, vision, goals, policies, practices and infrastructure as it relates to the unit’s responsibility to support the academic publishing and production effort.
  • Strong knowledge and skills in financial and human resources administration and management techniques including methods, laws, policies and practices, and the established academic peer review process.
  • Strong knowledge of the trends and developments in the publishing field, including technical applications.
  • Solid management skills to select, train, evaluate, lead, direct, guide and motivate subordinate staff to produce high quality work; skill to take corrective action as required.
  • Solid knowledge and skills to advise and consult with management to ensure delivery of the desired message to target and/or broad general audiences.