New Alibris Website & Blog – Call for Pitches!, the leading online distributor for indie booksellers, has recently relaunched their website. The Alibris blog will now focus on high-quality exclusive content. Former BPF board member Karma Bennett has been put to this task, and she is welcoming book publicists to pitch her excerpts, review copies and interviews. is ranked 3,480 in the US by Alexa and the blog’s readers are mostly book buyers.

The books need not be bestsellers or even new books, so this is a fine chance to boost some backlist titles that deserve more attention. Bennett prefers pitches two months in advance, targeted at something topical. They are currently rounding up March’s posts, which will be themed around women’s history month. For April, books on poetry, jazz, environmentalism and Buddhism would be helpful, but she is always open to hearing different ideas.

Bennett says she is also interested in guest posts from Bay-Area booksellers who make use of the Alibris site. “Alibris is a big resource for collectors,” Bennett says. “Alibris is a good place to find a rare b-sides, old comic books or back issues of magazines. I’d love to talk to booksellers who can show off their more rare stuff, or tell me about the books they are hand-selling right now.”

Recent February posts at the new blog include How to Read a Love Poem to Your Valentine and Books for Embracing a Vegetarian Diet. Direct pitches to karma [at]