The Future of Email Marketing

The Magic of Email Marketing with Jason Kim
Tuesday, March 29th – 6-8pm in the Berrett-Koehler offices in Oakland

Please join us for the first Book Promotion Forum event of 2016 in the Berrett-Koehler office in Oakland. We have an excellent marketing program lined up for you. Sign up fast though because we only have room for 50 people!


  • Added Bonus: The first five registrants will receive a personalized e-mail analysis from Jason. (No one will be thrown under the bus in the process.)
  • Refreshments: Light Snacks and drinks


Event Description: E-mail is the most reliable, personal, and cost effective way to acquire new customers and generate sales. Publishers large and small and in all categories should be interested in making their e-mail list the crown jewel of their marketing campaigns, and this workshop will help you do just that. In this lively and informative workshop, Jason will provide a strategic and tactical overview of how to optimize your e-mail marketing efforts.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to approach e-mail marketing
  • How to write e-mails that keep your audience engaged and convert into sales
  • How to best measure a campaign’s effectiveness

About the Presenter:
Jason Kim, Ph.D., is a recovering academic who uses an evidence-based approach to publishing and book marketing. He is the Digital Content Director at Parallax Press, an independent spirituality/self-help publisher currently best known for its smash hit, How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh. Through changes he implemented, Jason grew Parallax’s list size by over 10 times, achieved an average open rate of 38%, and increased direct-to-consumer sales revenue by more than 20% after five consecutive years of losses— all in the span of one year. His social media campaign for How to Love drove four years worth of traffic to the website in three days. He also spearheaded Parallax’s entry into online learning so his doctoral degree and teaching experience weren’t a total waste.